Baby Paua Earrings (Silver or Copper) -2 Sizes

Stone Arrow

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These beautiful earrings are cast from an actual Paua shell!  The curves and intricate detail of this iconic New Zealand shell are beautifully captured in this handcrafted design.

Earring dimensions:

Small: Hook length: 15mm  /  Paua length: 14mm.

Regular: Hook length: 19mm (0.75in)  /  Paua length: 18mm (0.7in).

Comes with gift packaging sharing the story behind the handmade design.

Gold more your colour? Click here for Gold Plated!

Click here for the Matching Necklace --> Silver or Copper

Note: No cute little baby Pauas were harmed in the making of these earrings, they are cast from a mould taken from a shell found on the beach!

The Silver and Copper used is 100% Recycled. 

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