"Moon Tree" Greeting Card (Blank, A6)

"Moon Tree" Greeting Card (Blank, A6)

David Martin

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Local Wellington artist David Martin has created this stunning print, using his imagination (and black pen/ink) to conjure up this secret world.

What creatures lives in this beautiful hidden dwelling? It's up to you!

David Martin (brother of Melina Martin - Made it owner and designer!) has taken inspiration from his architect father, and his own brilliant ideas, to create this hidden home in amongst nature. 

This A6 standard card is blank on the inside, comes in a plastic sleeve, and with an envelope inside.

How Long Did It Take You To Draw This Picture?

"3 Months. The original was A2 in size. I use permanent ink on board - so if I make a mistake, I have to turn it into something. This uses a lot of concentration at a maximum of 2 hours a day, that's why it took 3 months!"

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