Stag Print

Stag Print

Kanuka Glen

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This artist is generally all about New Zealand's native birds.  However, once every now and then he enjoys doing something a bit different. The story behind this piece is as follows...

A good friend had been out hunting and hadn't come across any sign of anything all day long.  It was beginning to rain and the light was beginning to fade so he decided to call it quits.  He crouched down next to a large flax bush to sort out his pack and rifle before the long walk out, but as he stood up to leave he stepped directly in to the gaze of a large stag.  It was roughly four metres away on the other side of the flax.  They both locked eyes for what felt like minutes before they finally headed in their own separate directions.  They had never experienced a connection with nature quite like this before, and when they heard the tale he knew he had to capture the soft gaze of the stag as it had been described to him.

The digital image sits within a white border on the page.  These high quality reproductions are all printed locally within New Zealand, and come with a backing in a protective sleeve.

Where is it made? Tasman! 

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