Fantail Pendant Silver

Fantail Pendant Silver

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In honour of NZ's sweetest bird, the Piwakawaka (Fantail), comes this beautifully crafted solid sterling silver pendant and chain in two sizes.  Double sided design to captures the exceptional character of this chirpy good luck companion. 

These playful birds love to follow you though the bush singing and alighting on nearby branches.  The jury is out whether they just like hanging around people or are chasing bugs that have been stirred up by their shoes!

Measurements: Large- 23mm (0.9in) nose to tail.  Small- 19mm (0.9in) nose to tail.

Chain length 450mm (18in).

Did you know pīwakawaka chicks are fed every ten minutes, that’s about 100 times per day. Some human mothers who remember feeding teething babies, will empathise.

The fantail is a rare native bird species in New Zealand that has managed to adapt to the impact of humans upon the environment.

They can live anywhere from coastal areas to alpine areas. Although predators such as cats, rats and stoats take their eggs, pīwakawaka make lots of eggs, many of which will survive and become the sweet, resilient birds we love.

Where is it made? Takaka!

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