"Ariadne & Violet" Wall Decal

"Ariadne & Violet" Wall Decal

Sticky Tiki

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Join Ariadne and Violet on an adventure! Set the scene with the trees and clouds, then mix and match the girls accessories and outfits to your heart’s content. These wall stickers would look great in a nursery or girl’s bedroom.

Printed onto our fabric decal to create a beautiful décor for your space. 

Sheet size is 34cm by 24cm and contains:

  • 1x Cloud
  • 1x Tree top and tree trunk
  • 5x Flowers
  • 2x Dresses
  • 2x Hats
  • 2x Faces
  • 2x Pairs arms
  • 2x Pairs legs
  • 2x Pairs shoes
  • 1x Pair wings
  • 1x Crown


Where is it made? Christchurch!

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