Q: Is EVERYTHING made in New Zealand??

A: YES! 💚 Everything is designed and made here by New Zealanders, who set their own prices for their artwork, and come from all around the country!

We take pride in being able to support and promote creative individuals, while they make the world a little less grey!


Q: Do you do Gift Vouchers?

A: Yes! Online we offer $20, $50, or $100. We can also do custom amounts in-store. They are printed with a cute design, and come in a Made It envelope.


Q: Is your Packaging Eco-Friendly?

A: Yes! We only use unbleached paper bags for our standard packaging, and re-use any bubble wrap we receive some fragile products in from suppliers. Our gifts come wrapped in unbleached paper (or a box), with a colourful paper ribbon ontop! 


Q: I know you have something in store, but I can't find it on the website?

A: No worries! Just send us an email and we will set it up for you!

Some of our products are difficult to offer online, as they are completely individual, Such as some plushies, handmade jewellery etc.. But we can easily send you a pic of our current supply and sort that for you! 


Q: Do you make everything in your store?

A: No. Although our lovely employees do make a few of their own things, it would be simply impossible, we would never sleep! We have over 60 different independent creators, sending products from all over the country!


Q: I would like to stock with you, how can I go about that?

A: We would love to hear from you! Just send us an email with some info about you and your products, and some pictures! Easy as that. 


Still have questions? Contact us:

04 472 7442

Or find us on Facebook & Instagram!