Q; Is everything in this online store made in New Zealand?

A: 90% of it yes. Everything is designed and made here by New Zealanders, who set their own prices for their artwork, and come from all around the country.

Some components are made off shore as NZ has limited production of some commodities and zero of others.

Q: Do you do Gift Vouchers?

A: Yes. Online we offer $20, $50, or $100. We can also do custom amounts in-store. They are printed with a cute design, and come in a Made It envelope.


Q: Is your Packaging Eco-Friendly?

A: Yes. We only use unbleached paper bags, tissue paper and re-use any bubble wrap we receive with fragile products coming in from suppliers.

Our gifts come wrapped in printed unbleached paper or a kraft box, with a colourful paper ribbon.



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