Pukeko Decal Sticker

Pukeko Decal Sticker

Sticky Tiki

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With their bright blue plumage and red beaks, the pukeko is loved by kiwis and visitors alike. They are a common sight in wetland areas of New Zealand.

Each pukeko design is printed onto our fabric decal to create a beautiful décor for your space, in our studio in Christchurch, NZ. 

Tiny sheet size is 13.5cm by 11.5cm and contains:

  • 1x Pukeko – 13.5cm x 12cm


Small sheet size is 19cm by 16cm and contains:

  • 1x Pukeko – 18cm x 15cm


Medium sheet size is 29.5cm x 24cm and contains:

  • 1x Pukeko – 28.5cm x 23cm

Where is it made? Christchurch! 

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