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Aotea stone is a super rare stone from the Westcoast of the South Island.

With blues, greens, and white mixtures.

This beautiful stone can contain Blue Kyanite, Green Fuchshite, and Quartz in any combination.

Metaphysical; intuitive and folklore sources believe this stone brings harmony and commonality within the self and between others. It works to bring both love and beauty to the exterior and interior while providing for the magnetic attraction between kindred spirits.

it opens, energizes and cleanses the heart and throat chakras, providing for speaking words of love and kindness. It can be used to attract people, experiences or objects that are necessary for growth. Similar to Larimar used for 'Earth Healing'

Toki, Toki are worn around the neck as a symbol of strength. They are gifted as a celebration of courage, determination, success, and bravery, as well as to link the past to the present with reverence and respect.

The long Toki measures approx 9cm long and 2.2cm at the top and 2.6cm at the base.

The shorter toki measure 5.5cm long and 3.8cm wide.

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