"Chocolate Mint Swirl" Organic Soap

"Chocolate Mint Swirl" Organic Soap

Be Natural Soap

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What a treat for your skin and senses.  Made with pure dark chocolate, pure peppermint oil, organic cocoa butter and organic cacao, this soap is not only fun but is great for your skin and complexion.

Chocolate Peppermint Sensation – Made with real ingredients.

This is an amazing chocolate peppermint moisturising soap, enriched with vitamins to feed your skin.  We use real chocolate, real cocoa butter, and real peppermint oil to give you a washing sensation.  The base of organic coconut oil makes a rich, silky bar which conditions your skin.

This unique soap makes a fantastic gift and looks fabulous on the side of the wash basin.  It will not dry your skin and gives you a lovely subtle chocolate hit every time you use it – without the calories 

Organic coconut milk creates a silky, rich, and creamy conditioning lather, which is great for sensitive skin. Chocolate has antioxidants and phytonuritents which soothe and soften skin, and being all natural, this soap is good for you and good for the planet. Peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect which soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne.

Our soaps are zero waste, all production ingredient containers are composted or recycled, and soap itself will be delivered with a simple paper label, in a cardboard sachel.  Its all good!

Care & Feeding of Natural Handmade Soap

Since our handmade soap is in its pure and natural state, it doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives or artificial hardeners. It doesn’t need to. With just a little care and feeding, you can prolong the life of your Be Natural soap and it will serve you very well.

  • Don’t let your soap drown in water.
  • Feed your soap plenty of fresh air between uses.
  • Store your soap on a well drained soap dish. 
  • Use a natural wash cloth or loofah to extend its life.
  • Use your fresh new soap within 6 months of purchase.
  • Store unused soap in a dark cool place like a lingerie drawer or linen closet.

Where is it made? Taranaki! 

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