Counting Numbers Decal

Counting Numbers Decal

Sticky Tiki

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Teach your child to count numbers with our brightly coloured handpainted number wall decal. Each number is paired with an item that has the same number of pieces for your child to count. Some even have more than one set of things to count! A great idea for children's rooms or the nursery. Introduce them to numbers at preschool age and then use them to reinforce what they are learning at school.

Each piece is hand painted then printed by us onto our fabric decal to create a beautiful unique for your space. Our decals are made to be removed and reused, so don't be afraid to rearrange them on your wall as often as you like.

Sheet sizes:
Medium – 35cm x 24cm, world is 8.5cm diameter.
Goes with mini mural alphabetica.

Large – 48cm x 44cm, world is 15cm diameter.
Goes with medium alphabetica.

Extra large – 100cm x 48cm, world is 22cm diameter.
Goes with large alphabetica.

Each sheet contains:

  • 1x 1 – world
  • 1x 2 – bicycle
  • 1x 3 – clover
  • 1x 4 –chair
  • 1x 5 – glove
  • 1x 6 – bee on honeycomb
  • 1x 7 – rainbow
  • 1x 8 – octopus
  • 1x 9 – cloud
  • 1x 10 – orange

Where is it made? Christchurch 

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