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Pounamu, Greenstone the Sacred Stone of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Nephrite is the scientific name and Jade is the international name.

Metaphysical; This is a sacred stone of the New Zealand Maori people.

Traditionally it has been used for tools, ornaments and as a Talisman of protection to provide an invisible barrier against attack and illness.

For this reason it is also regarded as a 'travellers stone'. It is said to bring the user a long and fruitful life. It is also know as a 'dream stone'as it brings realisation to ones potential and devotion. 

Sourced from the Westcoast, Aotearoa NZ.

The 'Apple Green toki is approx 9.3cm long and 2.2cm to 2.8 at the base.

The dark green one is approx 7cm long and 3cm to 3.7cm at the base.

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